The Deal

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The Deal - Elle Kennedy

4.5 stars.


This book really grew on me. I wasn't sure at the beginning but I read it non-stop in bed until I got to the 65% mark around midnight last night and my eyes were burning. I had to stop since I had work but I picked it up again this morning and had another marathon reading session and have just finished it and I really liked it!


I fell in love with Garrett from pretty early on. It was just the way he went about getting Hannah to agree to tutor him and then how it all went from there... *sigh* He was pretty amazing by the end of the book.


Hannah was pretty cool, too, once she gave in and became friends with Garrett and then became more. How she trusted him enough to tell him her secret.


I just really liked it.


P.S. I really have to start watching my Breaking Bad box-sets!