Being a reader and writer

Being a full time reader and part time writer can be hard at times, especially when you set yourself a reading target for the year.


I'm struggling to get into a lot of books, hence me having seven on the go at once, though I am only reading one of those at a time.


I'm falling behind in my target, even as I keep lowering the amount--it started at 250 and is now at 220.


This could also be down to RL--my job is taking up more hours than it used to, which is good on the money front but not for reading or writing.


And getting to the writing. I'm well on the way to having a new book out in the next couple of months. Thanks to a friend from work, who reads as avidly as I do, I'm writing a contemporary erotic romance that could very possibly turn into a series (I'm currently thinking three books!!)


I'm only on Chapter 5, but it is still going strong!


Wish me luck :D