Fourth Debt

Fourth Debt - Pepper Winters

****Warning: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!****


Without Jethro there as back up in the story, I wanted Nila to be proper kick arse and she was for a good portion of the book but in the end she proved breakable. I totally understood it, though. The Hawk family--well three of them: Cut, Daniel and Bonnie--are just plain psycho. I cannot wait for them to get their comeuppance, which will finally (hopefully) happen in the 6th and final book of this series. The fact I have to wait another 3 months, until some point in November, may drive me a little mad. BECAUSE I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF JETHRO AND NILA AND EVERYONE ELSE ARE GOING TO MANAGE TO PULL THIS OFF!!!!


If this series doesn't end with a HEA (and all secondary characters I've grown to love--mainly Kestrel--surviving) I'm going to cry!