Totally Captivated Volumes 1-6

Totally Captivated, Volume 6 - Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 1 - Hajin Yoo

So, I've finished it. It took me two days altogether for the six volumes and several WTF moments near the beginning. But by the end, I was happy. So happy for them, though admittedly up until a few pages from the end I wanted to smack a certain blonde. It was so obvious how much Boss, as you call him, wanted you!!


You drove me mad at times, made me laugh/giggle at others, and overall made me love you both.


Volume One: 3 stars
Volume Two: 3 stars
Volume Three: 4 stars
Volume Four: 4 stars
Volume Five: 4 stars
Volume Six: 5 stars


A great cast of characters, both primary and secondary and the art was pretty cool too.