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Bloom - Elizabeth Scott

2.25 stars, I think.


I found this story rather boring. It was all inwards, if you know what I mean. She was doing an awful lot of thinking. Mainly that she wasn't good enough for her perfect boyfriend, which got annoying after a while. Then there's her friend Katie, who I actually sympathised with a lot while Lauren just seemed a bit oblivious to her friends issues at times.


Then came Evan and I thought: This is going to get interesting...but nope. Still with her perfect boyfriend, thinking she isn't good enough for him while having secret fantasies about Evan, the boy from her past. It was on such a slow simmer.


I found Lauren a little selfish when she was carrying on with Evan while still going out with Dave, who was safe and perfect, but who she'd rather avoid so she could be with Evan. Why didn't she just tell him it was over?!


It was only with about 20 pages left that she finally gets around to doing just that and by then, I'd just had enough and didn't particularly care what happened in the end.


Not one of my favourite stories and not a paperback I'm likely to keep.