Tears of Tess

Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters

I dunno with this one. I'm hit and miss with D/s books. Sometimes I like them sometimes I don't. This one, that side of the story, I'm not that big a fan of. I don't always understand it, and I think that was definitely the case with this one.

I loved the storyline and everything--minus the above mentioned thing, anyway--the kidnapping and the owner who isn't all bad. The romance between them. I think it was the sex side of things, I skipped through the first one (at least I think it was the first one? About half way through?) and skimmed the rest, looking for the more romantic take on it all.

Hmm. I'm not sure if I'm intrigued enough to continue the series. I'll think about in my sleep and see how I feel in the morning.