Blood & Roses Box Set

— feeling surrender
The Blood & Roses Series Box Set - Callie Hart

99p for books 1-6? YES, PLEASE! I loved the first two so I'm assuming I'll love the rest, too. Can't wait to get back to Zeth :D


Deviant: 5 stars


Fracture: 4.5 stars


Burn: 4.5 stars


Fallen: 4 stars


Twisted: 2.5 stars


Collateral: DNS/DNF




So I've had this on the go for months now, the first few I read like they were nothing and then I started to lose interest. The story wasn't so much about Sloane and Zeth anymore and I just couldn't get into them. I left the box set alone and read other books between stories, sometimes between chapters, because it just wasn't doing anything for me anymore.


And finally I've just given up on any will to read the last part of this six-part series. I can't say I'm at all interested in them beating Charlie.


The fifth book wasn't a total let down for me, what with Zeth actually (finally) expressing a few feelings in words to Sloane but I think if it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have finished that one either.