Like Candy

Like Candy - Debra Doxer, Pam Berehulke

*A copy of this book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

The thing that drew me in with this book was the cover, and then the description. Note that I haven't been on Netgalley in some time, as I've been trying to wittle down my slowly increasing list of books and then just decided to get rid of the ones I got as freebies back when I first got my kindle and would never read.

So back to Like Candy. I was a little wary to start with. I'm a bit picky with genre's at the minute. I'm liking YA, but not really NA. I'm liking Romance but not in the mood for Erotica. Luckily this was more YA than NA to me and the romance aspect of this story drew me in quickly. Just the chance of something happening with Candy after her last failed relationship and the silent-but-really-nice guy that is Jonah...well *sigh* And when it finally did, I was so happy for them. They were so good for each other!

It read as a normal girl-meets-boy story, a nice slow progression, and then we see Candy in her home life and I was a little stumped with that part of the storyline. Her wanting to do what her dad did. It wasn't something I was expecting, especially with all the mystery surrounding what he does. That was the other plot that was threaded through the story, though I wont spoil it by going into much detail.

But for me, it was all about that emotional connection between Candy and Jonah. I loved it. And that bit near the end with them at school almost killed me. But the actual ending? Cliff-hanger worthy!

I definitely need the second book in the series now.