— feeling grin
Awkward - Marni Bates

So, I have a bit of a goofy grin on my face right now. That last page or so, the thing I've been waiting almost 150 pages for!!, finally happened. *grins*


I'm a happy bunny.


But back to the story. Admittedly the storyline is a little unbelievable--unless you live America, obviously--but I quickly got over that and just invested myself in the possible relationships of Mackenzie. I know she liked one guy and was a bit oblivious to most things around her with her wanting to be invisible but come on! I figured out about the other thing within 100 pages!


After the video of her CPR Fail went viral, her life went a bit national-news and I guess stuff like that does happen but again I struggled to understand that part of it. Some bits were cool; the band and Ellen but other bits just made me go "huh, really?"


Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story and wouldn't mind reading more by this author.