Sweet Liar

Sweet Liar (Candy Book 2) - Debra Doxer, Pam Berehulke

*A copy of this book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


Hmm... It's taken me a few days to read this, mainly because of work but also because it didn't go how I expected.

So, I read the first book Like Candy a week or so ago and I was loving the blossoming relationship between Candy and Jonah but I wasn't so keen on the other half of the plotline, the dad thing.

Unfortunately that was what this followed up on, especially after that cliffhanger ending from the last one. I needed an explanation but I also wanted more of the romance.

We did get it, along with an emotional rollercoaster, but the main plotline in this was around Candy's father.

It didn't grab me like the first book did but I'll admit to having a good old cry at the end.

There were nice bits and not so nice bits and together it was alright. It was a good ending to the story--and I'm assuming it is the last one?