The Arrangement 2

The Arrangement 2: The Ferro Family - H.M. Ward

Once again I was just getting into the story when it ended--rather abruptly, I think.


Well it's been a while since I read book 1 of this series so I was a little confused with how this book started. I remembered a few little bits but as to what was said that she needed to respond to straight away...I had no idea. THEREFORE I RECOMMEND YOU EITHER RE-READ THE FIRST ONE (which I didn't) OR READ THEM ONE AFTER ANOTHER (which I also won't be doing, lol).


I'm not too keen on this being a serial. This is something that should probably have been made into probably 4 or 5 longer books, not 20-odd smaller instalments because I'm refusing to pay the price of them all individually (unless they go to 99p, because I'm tight like that.)


I like it but I'm not in any hurry to carry it on.