Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire - L.H. Cosway

I was entranced by the cover of this a long time before I realised it was part of the Hearts series. I'd not long since finished the first book Six of Hearts, which I loved, and I couldn't wait to read more books in this series, and it was only after I'd bought this that I realised it was Jack's story.


I did enjoy this, just not as much as the first. Jay just fascinated me with his magic and the whole back story and everything just blew my mind. This one, Jack seemed hot and sexy and the fire-breathing...but it didn't grab me as much. I wasn't as sucked into the story.


The description for the third book in the series has me intrigued as to what King's story will be about and I've already got it on my kindle to read but I'm not going to read it yet.