The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson

The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson - Paige Toon

I enjoyed this, probably because I liked being back in the glamorous (or not so much anymore) world of Johnny Jefferson. He's grown up a little since Johnny be Good and I like him a lot more than I did initially. I even loved reading about how Jessie came into existence--he wasn't always an arse! He had cared about people before Meg and the boys.


I have to admit though that Jessie annoyed me quite a bit in this. One minute I was sympathetic to what she was going through and the next she was being a right brat and I wanted to give her a good smack. I know you're only 15 and haven't matured a lot but really?! At least by the end of the book she'd matured quite a bit and realised how badly she'd treated some people.


I'm not sure if I'd class this as being a romance either. It had slight aspects. Two love interests for Jessie but nothing really happened with either of them, she isn't going out with one or the other...but I'm pretty sure that that might change in the next one.


I am interested in reading it at some point but not quite yet.