American Girl on Saturn

American Girl on Saturn - Nikki Godwin

The start was a kitty iffy for me, it didn't flow smoothly and I hot a little confused but when the boys of SAS showed up I didn't care so much anymore.


I enjoyed the gentle romance of Chloe and Milo. It was sweet and I loved the fireflies and treehouse and midnight meetings... sigh. I also enjoyed reading the cammeraderie between the guys and by the end, the girls and guys together. Like an extended family.


There was just a point about 65% where I started to lose interest. It seemed to be a lot of the same stuff going on and I got a little bored and then the drama hit--the one where boy and girl have a big misunderstanding--and I wanted to hit both of them. I know something had to happen but it was just so cliché.


I was pretty happy when they resolved the matter but by then I'd sort of lost interest in the story and was just skimming the text, looking for interesting bits.


Not a bad book but one not quite to my tastes