Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5)

Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5) - Lindsay Buroker It's official. I have fallen in love with Sicarius.

As fun as it was being inside Maldynado's head--and it was hilarious at times--with his "spelunking" comment in regards to Yara. If you've read the book you'll know the comment I'm referring to, if not then you should totally find out. Like I said before: hilarious.

I have to confess I was more interested in the Amaranthe and Sicarius situation. He melted me into a puddle of goo again in this one and I'm eagerly awaiting more of them.

The next book is based on him and I cant wait to read what goes on in his head when he goes into his silent mode or gives people his icy stare. Off to buy it now!