Perfect Regret (Bad Rep 2)

Perfect Regret (Bad Rep 2) - A. Meredith Walters This caught me the same way Bad Rep did. Hook, line and sinker.

After that first night together, I could tell that Garrett really liked Riley and as much as I liked her, she wasn't very nice to him, and it annoyed me. Okay, so he did tend to come across as some weed smoking, alcohol drinking, pain in the butt but because I knew he liked her, I felt sorry for him.

After a lot of up and down moments between them where most of the time they cant stand to be in the same room together, they finally reconnect, but not without a good reason for it and I'm sad that it happened.

I think Garrett is one of the nicest guys ever, when he ditches the sort of idiot persona he puts on when around people he isn't comfortable with, and I think he and Riley are great together.

Looking forward to the next book in the Bad Rep series!