Undertow - S.M. Stelmack 3½ out of 5 stars.

*I received this copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

The cover grabbed my attention straight away; it looks dark and kinda scary. I like to read a bit of everything as long as it has some romance to it, so.

The prologue definitely grabbed my attention and left me wondering what was down there in the tunnels under New York City.

Fast forward eighteen years, Lindsay and Jack now are thirty-three, and she needs his help. When she finally manages to get him to agree, they head underground and I was amazed at the detailed description of the communities they come across, and the variety. Some seemed rather crazy while others were pretty laid back. It was interesting.

We see from both Lindsay and Jack’s POV, which turns out to be very interesting. He tries to act like he doesn’t care about her (in Lindsay’s POV), I think in an attempt to keep himself removed from the rest of the world after what he went through at the hands of the Moles. Then seeing from his own POV that he does care and that he does want to help her. I like him: a LOT.

Seeing the occasional flashback of Jack’s time being held underground by the Moles was kinda creepy. What they did to him… *shudders*

It’s hard to go into too much detail about this book without giving some stuff away but I was drawn into the book easily. Maybe it was the romance aspect that was present from early on or maybe it was the mystery about what was down in the Undercity. Whatever it was, I liked it.