If I Die (Soul Screamers Book 5)

If I Die  - Rachel Vincent Well I feel I have to say that this isn't my favourite series in the world...but I think this has been the best books so far.

Maybe it was the whole Kaylee and Tod thing, which I've been rooting for since early on, or something else that I cant put my finger on, but I enjoyed this one more than the previous.

Nash annoyed me no end in this, I know he's angry and upset but really? I thought you'd got it all out of your system in the last one! You've gone down in my expectations, I'm afraid.

Sabine wasn't as bitchy as usual; she actually helped Kaylee for a change instead of making stuff harder for her.

Book 6 is on hiatus for a bit until I read other books that I just cant wait to read (sorry Before I Wake, nothing personal)