The Ghost and the Graveyard

The Ghost and The Graveyard (Knight Games) - Genevieve Jack

I saw the cover a while ago on Amazon and because I like a good cover thought "I want to read that." I didn't even read the synopsis, just downloaded it free.


So when I started this I had very little idea of what it was about. I can say I wasn't disappointed.


The story was fairly easy to get into and I was intrigued by the sexy Rick and the affects he had on Grateful as well as how he managed to do half of what he did (don't want to spoil it by giving the details away!).


Then comes Logan. I couldn't quite decided if I liked him or not. He came across as being very helpful but there was also a bit of jealousy going on too.


I feel like I can't give much away without spoiling it but it's quite a fun read filled with paranormal elements and romance that will leave you questioning for the first half and "oohing" over the second.


You should give this a try!