Talented - Sophie  Davis

*I received this copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


Yet again I was drawn to the cover. Then I checked out the synopsis and I thought, “This should be good!” So I requested to read it and got the go ahead several days ago.


I’ll admit it took me a good 20%-25% to really get into it, mainly because of all the description and back story that was thrown in, but once that was out of the way I got quite into it.


Character wise, I have to admit that for the first 40% or so that Talia annoyed me. She seemed rather whiney and didn’t like it when Donovan or others didn’t go along with what she wanted to happen. At the same time Donovan seemed off, himself, though the reason behind that soon came to light. One person I did like was Erik, one third of Talia’s Hunter team. I liked him from the start but there was one scene; one lovely scene involving him and Talia after a mission that made me almost fall for him. It was so sweet. Then there’s Henri, the last member, and leader of their team. He seemed like a pretty great guy, taking care of them on missions and making sure they were up to scratch with their mental and physical abilities.


The world building was pretty good, with lots of detail to help you picture it in your head.

I was waiting for Natalia’s showdown with Ian Crane for most of the book, since that was what the synopsis mentioned, and it was mentioned in the last 30%, though the mission itself actually started with about 15% of the book to go.


As usual, I choose books for the romance aspect and I wasn’t disappointed. The thing between Talia and Erik was really good when it got going.


Overall, I liked this but the information overload at the beginning and the annoying character traits knocked it down half a star for me. A good first book into the series, though. I’m not in any hurry to continue the series but I may read the second book at some point.