Promises - Marie Sexton

I got really into this yesterday and more or less read it in one sitting.

The first half, for me, was 5 star worthy because I was drawn into their story and I think I felt the same things that Jared did in regards to Matt. I wanted them to get together so bad and when something happened to stop it, I wanted to throw my Kindle.

Seeing how Matt was determined to be straight while slowly spending more and more time with Jared and touching him in ways that a straight man wouldn't. It was lovely reading.

The second half, for me, was 3 star worthy because when they did finally get together after a lot of arguing, Jared turned into a bit of a hypocrite in regards to other people knowing about them in their little town. It felt like he'd pushed Matt into being with him only to be ashamed of him and it drove me crazy, making me want to chuck my kindle at the wall again.

Luckily, it was quickly resolved and it went back to being a really cute relationship.

I really liked both men but I think Matt was my favourite of the two; I think it was his gentleness with Jared--and the hair obsession--I just thought it was really sweet.

A 4 star review from me and I look forward to reading more books by the author.