Hot Head - Damon Suede

I'm probably the odd one out with my rating of three stars but I didn't feel the romance (and that's what I read books for). Not right from the start, anyway. Maybe from around the 75% mark but not before.


Seeing it from only Griff's POV helped us realise that he had feelings for his best friend but he fought against it with everything he had. We never really saw anything from Dante to know if he wanted Griff the same way until the second porn video was made--maybe not even then--and that had to be at the half way point.


Maybe if the romance had started a little sooner I'd have given it a better rating.


Another thing that I found a little strange was all the sound effects wrote into the book: "lub-lub" "thwack-thwack". Gave me a few WTF? moments.


One thing I liked the authenticity of the fires and the guys in action; the teasing, the teamwork, the fire fighting.