Devil's Bargain

Devil's Bargain - Rachel Caine

I've read a lot of Rachel Caine books: 13 of 15 of her Morganville Vampires series, all of her Weather Warden books and 2 of 3 in her Revivalist series.


This and it's sequel, Devil's Due which I'll start any minute, are nothing like what I've come to expect, but they were written several years earlier than the books mentioned above. This wasn't as paranormal as I was expecting, what with the name of the book but even so I wasn't disappointed with the story at all.


It centres on two females who've never met but are brought together to form a detective agency and given jobs by a lawyers firm. Only things aren't as straight forward as they appear.


I really enjoyed the romance between Jazz and (James) Borden. It was drawn out but it was constant throughout the book and I think I have to blame Jazz for nothing happening sooner, she was a little prickly where James was concerned simply because she found him attractive, while James never hid his attraction to Jazz.


As I mentioned above, I'm going straight onto Devil's Due now to find out how it all ends.