Somebody Killed his Editor

Somebody Killed His Editor  - Josh Lanyon

I really enjoyed this. It was everything I like; a mystery, a romance, witty.


I was really intrigued by Chris/Kit and J.X.'s history together. Why were they so hostile to each other? It was slowly explained throughout and I kind of melted reading about their three nights together all those years ago and the feelings involved. Awww...


There was one scene fairly early on between them that made me all warm and fuzzy, until it was over and then I wanted to smack someone--mainly J.X.


As for the murder mystery, I would never have figured it out. I knew it was a man, and not Chris/Kit so was left with three possibilities. I didn't want to think it was J.X. either so that left two but then I was completely stumped.


I'm now going onto book 2 so I can read more of these two!