All She Wrote

All She Wrote: Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2 - Josh Lanyon

I enjoyed this one more than the first, though I think that can be put down to the progression in the relationship between Kit and J.X.


At the start my warm and fuzzies over how the last one ended quickly dissolved as this started with them decided to take a break. I was like WTF?! And then Kit was off across the country to go and see his mentor after her fall down some icy stairs meaning she couldn't run her Writer's Workshop. Of course, it wasn't as straight forward as that and we were thrown into yet another murder mystery.


I have to say I was kinda disheartened when J.X. wasn't in the first third (or so) of the story as I really liked him and Kit as a couple but he reappeared and the warm and fuzzies returned. The progression of their relationship in this one was so sweet. J.X. is willing to anything to keep Kit in his life and I find that lovely.


As for the murder mystery, I was once again stumped until the 90% mark when someone wasn't quite upset enough and it clicked (about the same time as Kit figured it out, too).


I love Josh Lanyon books like this and can't wait to read more from him! I also can't wait for the next Holmes and Moriarity book!