Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Lauryn April

3 star for the first half. 4 star for the second half.


Well, I downloaded this as a freebie back in 2012 and it had been sitting on my kindle for ages so as part of Goodreads' "We (heart) YA"'s ABC challenge I decided to read this.


For the first 20-25% I was a little bored with it, finding it hard to get into and Ivy's friends were hard to like. However when Brant really came a part of her life, after the school classes and he more or less saved her, I started to really get into it. Romance reader and all... :)


I really liked the progression of their relationship going from wary classmates to boyfriend/girlfriend. It was a complicated journey thanks to Ivy wanting someone else who wanted her friend but they got there in the end.


As for the plot to blow up the school...I was stumped as to who was behind it. I think I ran through every member of the plot apart from the ones we were centring on. Still had no idea.


I feel I ought to mention Charlie too. She was pretty cool and seems like she'd be a great friend to have.


I know there's a second book in the series but after reading the synopsis of it I'm not sure I want to read it, mainly because it sounds like Brant and Ivy aren't together anymore :(