Blood Bound

Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent

First off I can't quite believe it just ended like that! WTF?! But at the same time, I have a feeling I know what Liv chose to do.


This will be my third series by the author and probably joint second with her Soul Screamers, with Shifters being number one--which I really loved.


Blood Bound took me a lot of getting into and I can honestly say that the best and most enjoyable bit for me was the last 150 pages or so when it finally all came out and they were going to do the job that had been building for most of the book.


The whole Skills thing was very interesting and the two gangs in the city wanting to off the other was quite interesting especially with the bindings and tattoo's.


It was complicated at times with the overlapping bindings and friendships/loyalty and just because of those last 150 pages I've marked it up half a star. Not sure if I'll read the next book, though.