Kissed by Darkness

Kissed by Darkness (Book One of the Sunwalker Saga) - Shxe9a MacLeod

I struggled with this.


I didn't quite understand the connection/attarction she had with Inigo--I didn't feel it anyway and kinda read their flirty scenes with a pinch of salt and an eye roll.


I think the bits I enjoyed the most were the bits with Jack in them, he was flirty and warm from the first meeting of them at the 30%-ish mark. And at all his appearances after that he just came across as a great guy.


As for the storyline...well I was kinda bored by it and skimmed over the last few flashbacks because i'd lost interest in it. I was just waiting for the big show down between Morgan and the bad guy.


I do have books 2 and 3 in the series and I'm sure I'll read them at some time but I'm in no hurry.