Worthy - Lia Black

I'm still kinda undecided on how to rate this because I really, really, really liked it. 4 star? 5 star? Ugh!

It was a sweet romance with some bdsm elements--which I'm not always a fan of--but it was done in a way that made me want to keep reading and in the end I fell for both Sev and Demetrie.

They were both damaged in different ways and the more I learnt about them the more I wanted to wrap them in a big hug.

Things started off a little shaky between them but by the end I was almost crying thinking of what might or might not happen between them.

If you like books a little dystopian-y and/or bdsm/erotica-y then you should really like this! There was even a slight threesome in there for fans of that too :)