Guardians Book 1: The Girl - Lola St.Vil

DNF @ 30%

I've mentioned before that I tend not to read books with characters under the age of 16 (close to being 17) because I find them really, really, really immature. The only exception I've found being Legend by Marie Lu.

That was my problem with this. Emmerson is 15 and likes to think she knows best--so not the case in this, as shown when she runs into trouble 3 times in 30% when ignoring their "stay in a crowd" warnings. During this time, she's taken one look at Marcus and decided she's in love with him and kissed him even though she knows he has a girlfriend. I don't really mind that bit, it was that she then went and apologised to the girlfriend for it happening. Why would you do that?! I'd have smacked her, I think.

As for the rest of the cast, I can't say I minded them. They seemed like a quite fun bunch, apart from Marcus and Ameana.

Then, plot. I liked the idea and will admit to being really intrigued about how it was going to play out. Emmerson somehow having the Triplex that allowed the Guardians and the Akons to find the location of the ladder. Good vs. Evil. Angel's vs. Demons.

Unfortunately the characters (Okay, just Emmerson) really put me off.