Awaken Me Darkly  - Gena Showalter


Well I loved this at the beginning. Mia was kick-arse, as were the rest of her team. I was interested in what was going on with the murders and finding out who was behind it...

I also loved the little glimpses we got at the start of Kyrin. He sounded equally seductive and bad-arse--which is a great combination.

I can't say I understood Mia's need to attack him all the time...but I guess she has some anger issues regarding aliens.

The murder plot became less interesting throughout the book as I just wanted to concentrate on the sexual tension between our main characters. There were some pretty steamy scenes between them...but also not enough for my liking.

There was a shock thrown in, which did surprise me.

The thing that stopped this from having four stars was the ending. I can't say I enjoyed it that much. It seemed to resolve itself far too quickly and I can't say I felt Mia's emotions at the time.