Darkness Before Dawn

Darkness Before Dawn - J.A. London

3.25 stars.


I liked this to start with--the first 40% or so--but then I started to lose interest. I can't put my finger on what it was but I was determined to carry on and figure out who "hoodie" was and why Sin seemed a little odd.


It rumbled along at a quite sedate pace for awhile, nothing too much happening apart from relationship issues. I was interested in a Dawn/Victor romance and we had a little of that but I thought there was too much Michael for my liking and I wasn't too fond of him for a time.


At about the 85% mark, I realised something and I was pleasantly surprised and then another something happened at the 90% mark that had me getting interested in the story again.


But then that ending! How could it just end like that?! I'm sure that Victor will stop, though, after all she is the only sunshine he will ever see. :)


My edition contained a preview of the next book in the trilogy but I skipped it as I'm not entirely convinced that I liked it enough to continue the series.