Paranormalcy  - Kiersten White

It started off quite good, we were thrown straight into the action and I was excited to see where it would all lead.


Evie was kinda fun, she was rather innocent though having lived in the agency building since she was eight and in a way it fun seeing her in a school setting though her fashion sense and love of pink was a bit OTT.


I love Lend--dodgy name but I totally get it. He had my attention from early on and I loved reading the slow progression of his relationship with Evie.


Reth, I'm not too sure about; sometimes he seemed alright and others I wanted to punch him in the face.


I'm not normally a fan of books involving the fae but I liked this. It was different since it involved all different types of paranormal creature/being and wasn't too engrossed in the courts and the ways of the fae.


I am definitely intrigued as to what else will happen in this series and will be continuing it at some point in the near future.