Blood Charged

Blood Charged (Dragon Blood, Book 3) - Lindsay Buroker

So this has taken me a long time to finish (started it on July 21st), especially considering that this is a Lindsay Buroker book and that I'm a huge fan.


I think I know why though.


I read for the romance element of books and in this we'd already met the characters and they were already couples, so that aspect was already in place and I didn't get to read it happening because it already had.


Lindsay is really good at writing steam-punk books (check out her Emperor's Edge series!) while still adding a romantic side-plot. With this newer series it has previously focused on the romance more but like I mentioned this was slightly lacking in that respect.


The adventure they went on for me wasn't as engaging as some of her other books, which is why it's taken me forever to finish this and I'm not too sure if I want to continue the series if it's following Ridge, Sardelle, Tomolek, Ahn and the rest of the team on the hunt for Dragon blood.