Lash - Sam Crescent

Yeah, I've decided I don't like MC (motocycle club) books too much. I don't get the concept of them and some of their rules just pee me off. 


What the hell's up with this one?


A guy who--in her own words--says 'she didn't realise he had ever noticed her' suddenly goes all dark and brooding on her one night, drags her upstairs and starts kissing/touching her and she just lets him? When she's a virgin? Really? Cos I'm not buying it.


He then orders her to come to terms with his interest in her and that she's now his and she just rolls with it? 


If I'm going to read and enjoy a MC book I need a kick arse, smart-alec who gives as good as she gets and I'm sorry but--I can't even remember the main characters name :/--she wasn't that for me.


Will not be reading the next books.