Terminated (The Revivalist Series) - Rachel Caine

This took me a while to read because it had been about 18 months between book 1 and 2 and this. I'd forgotten half of what happened (and that Manny and Pansy were in this from the author's Red Letter Days series) and I found it a little difficult to remember.


However, once I got so far in the book (about 80 pgs in) the storyline was moving so fast that I had little choice but to go with it and it didn't particularly matter if I remembered or not, I just wanted Bryn, Patrick and the gang to kick Jane, Pharmadene and the Fountain Groups arse.


It was almost non-stop from the start, being thrown straight into the story from where it left off from the last book. We had fire-fights, fist fights, various other fights, explosions, deaths, you name it, it was probably in here.


The ending seemed a bit too easily done for my liking. I was expecting more...I dunno, just MORE of something; more explosions, deaths, trouble.


BUT, since they all got out of it alive (more or less) I'm happy with it.