The Star Thief

The Star Thief - Jamie Grey

3.25 stars.


I'm not the biggest fan of sci-fi stories, I'll admit, but the cover has been taunting me for a while, both on Amazon and on here, so when the price was only 77p I thought, "Why not?"


We were thrown straight into Renna's world as jumped straight into her first job of the book and it was a whirlwind of escapes, fighting and pulling off what seems impossible from there until the end.


I loved the tension between Renna and Finn! Even from the start you could tell something was brewing and I really enjoyed reading about it.


As for the rest of the crew, I grew to like them, even the Pirate :)


The ending has left me wanting to jump straight into the next book just to see if Renna and the crew can kick bad guy arse!